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"(Your book - Vol. I) will indeed bring back many memories for me." -
President George Bush


Melvin L. Shettle, Jr. first became fascinated with the numerous old military airfields around Pensacola, Florida and Corpus Christi, Texas while attending naval flight training in 1961. After joining Delta Air Lines as a pilot in 1966, the interest continued as he flew over many of the WW II airfields throughout the United States. He was distressed by the lack of available information on the subject and America's neglect of its military heritage. Encouraged by the success of Action Stations, the British publications on history of WW II military airfields in Great Britain, he decided that similar books on the airfields in the U. S. were warranted.

The result was the formation of Schaertel Publishing Company (Shettle is the Anglicization of Schaertel) and the publication of United States Naval Air Stations of WW II - Volume One, Eastern States in 1995. United States Naval Air Stations of WW II - Volume Two, Western States followed two years later. Mr. Shettle retired from Delta Air Lines in 1997. United States Marine Corps Air Stations of WW II was published in 2001 and Georgia's Army Air Fields of WW II was published in 2005. His latest publication is Floridia's Army Air Fields 0f WW II. All of the books feature photos that have never been published.

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